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EDUCATED: A MEMOIR – Tara Westover

EDUCATED: A MEMOIR - Tara Westover






“The history of my education and the history of my family are linked.

Our parents raised us in isolation and education is just the opposite.

Getting that education, understood in a broad sense of self-creation, changes you as a person, gives you access to different ideas, perspectives, opinions, which you use to decide what you think, to go shaping a criterion.

For my family that kind of change, that new me with my own ideas was impossible to accept”.TARA WESTOVER

Educated: A Memoir
Educated;Tara Westover;0399590501;9780399590504; Hardcover Book; Westover, Tara (Author); English (Publication Language)
$28.00 −54% $13.00

✍ REVIEW & OPINIONS Tara Westover’s book Educated

REVIEW & OPINIONS Tara Westover's book Educated: A Memoir


Many times we back down when reading a book because we thought it was out of our comfort zone; this book was out of my comfort zone because I don’t usually read autobiographical novels but it was a literary crush and I couldn’t resist.

The curiosity to know other cultures, other ways of life, other education many times can and I appreciate this type of reading because otherwise and, even having a lot of curiosity, laziness defeats me and I do not research in web pages or encyclopedias.

  • Is education as important in our lives as some want us to see?
  • Are we what we have been taught?
  • Are we able to reject what we don’t like or, on the contrary, does the education we have received weigh on us like a slab that prevents us from acting as we would like to?

Tara Westover will answer these and other questions through the facts she tells us in this novel that it is nothing but memories of her childhood and youth.

The Westover family lives in a remote valley of Idaho. Faye and Gene Westover are parents of seven children, the youngest of whom is Tara.

None of them goes to school, or to the doctor, or even have a birth certificate or know the exact date of the birth.

Her life is spent in her home in the countryside where Gene and her older children run a junkyard while Faye mixes herbs to make medicines and ointments that she uses in her work as a healer and midwife. Gene is convinced that from one moment to the next the End Times will come, so he devotes his efforts to raising money to be able to store food and prepare the house to be self-sufficient when that moment comes.

He rejects everything that comes from the existing power structures, for him they are nothing more than representatives of Satan and these thoughts will condition his life and that of his family.

The novel is divided into three parts covering different periods of the author’s life: her childhood and youth until she reaches university, her life there and her stay in Cambridge.

As it could not be otherwise, we find a first-person narration with a simple language and a constant rhythm with which Tara gets a light prose, fluid, very pleasant to read and with which makes the reader complicit in the facts he is narrating to us.

The title of the novel couldn’t be more thematic because it is all about education and the consequences of education and how, on occasions, human beings rebel against it and the headaches that this causes in them.

Tara firmly believes in the precepts of her religion, she does not question them, although from a very small point of view she suspects that some of the things that her father does and says are somewhat “exaggerated“; even so, she obeys and respects him.

When one of her brothers decides to deviate from the path marked by her father and begin higher education, Tara’s world begins to change: she is curious, she wants to learn, to know more about the world than waiting outside the small environment in which she moves and decides that she also wants to study.

This decision will involve great sacrifices and inner struggles; sacrifices because she has never been to school, she knows nothing about mathematics, history… (she goes to university without knowing what the Holocaust was) and has to learn alone in the few free moments that her work at home leaves her.

This also causes her a great inner struggle because to follow the path she wants is to deviate from the path marked by her father and this path has him so marked by fire in her body and in her mind that she comes to doubt the appropriateness of her decision.

At the age of 17 he manages to enter university and is aware of his shortcomings, although he tries to overcome them with a lot of effort and dedication. You can’t help but feel a great inferiority complex and you think you’ll never get to be like everyone else.

At the age of 19, following a visit from her parents, she realizes that the “weirdos” are them and everything they have taught her begins to stagger until she makes the decision to start from scratch.

She wants to know in order to be able to judge for herself, to be able to decide about things, to leave behind the yoke that her father has imposed all her life with her beliefs and assertions and for this she knows that there is nothing better than to receive an education in order to be able to be an independent person both in her acts and in her thoughts.

She is only supported by her brother Tyler, who has already made a similar decision in the past and has always encouraged her to live her life as she wishes.

Educated: A Novel is a novel that talks about self-improvement, about the effort made by its author to change a life that does not satisfy her.

A novel told in an honest way that does not force the reader to position himself on one side or the other (even if he cannot avoid doing so), that does not criticize the precepts of a religion in which he believes or the behavior of the people around him.

A life story that will push the reader to reflect on many things, an unforgettable novel for me that I can not help but recommend.

Let’s know now the opinions & reviews of readers and critics about book EDUCATED: A MEMOIR, of Tara Westover.

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If you want to see all the comments of the readers on the book Tara Westover Educated: A Memoir, you only have to click on the stars.

This is one of the opinions that I have read and that I liked the most from the book Tara Westover Educated: A Memoir:

The most powerful story about the transformative power of education I’ve ever read. […] There is no book that can compete with Educated.

There are more opinions of the book EDUCATED: A MEMOIR, but: What is yours?

✍ SUMMARY & SYNOPSIS & BLURB of Tara Westover’s book Educated

SUMMARY & SYNOPSIS & BLURB of Tara Westover's book Educated: A Memoir


Tara Westover tells a story of self-improvement – from a wild child to a cosmopolitan researcher – but her novel is much more than that. It doesn’t matter so much the supposed “happy ending” as the traumas that it carries, the wounds that take a long time to heal, after spending a fundamental period of their personal and cognitive formation in an isolated and sordid environment, and breaking with it against the wishes of their parent, with the emotional shock that implies.

She does not perceive herself as a triumphant, but she preserves humility, the insecurity of one who leads half a life feeling that she does not fit in.

Adaptation to society is not easy:

The narrator expresses with total naturalness what she ignored in her childhood, from the basic principles of hygiene to sexuality, from general culture to fears of medicines.

She was a fervent Mormon, struggling to dismantle the rules that sustained her childhood.

Today’s Tara continues to respect her origins even though she no longer believes in them; she does not write out of anger, but is constructive.

Among the characters, the father stands out, the hard type, dominant, disturbed, cornerstone of the clan. The relationship between him and his daughter becomes harmful at times, between his stagnation and the (physical, but above all mental) estrangement from her.

In a way, this book is also a purge, an exercise in reconciliation with the father through writing, as Karl Ove Knausgård does in his autobiographical cycle. Something similar happens to a brother, Travis, a conflictive boy who has not been lucky enough to get out of that environment and dangerously follows in his father’s footsteps.

There’s a scene of atrocious violence taking hold in Tara. In the midst of the brutalised men, there is, in the final stretch, an alliance between the women – the mother is another important character, the breadwinner while the father becomes increasingly irritable – who unite to avoid repeating the mistakes (abuses) of the past.

In the last few years, changing a third, a “return to nature” has become fashionable, both culturally -a boom in nature writing, but also in beatus ille in works of fiction- and, and not without controversy, on a day-to-day basis -vaccination movements, home births, raw milk-.

In this sense, Educated opposes the praise of a return to the natural insofar as it crudely exposes the less kind face of the countryside: brutality, mental illness, abruptness, stagnation, fanaticism, accidents.

Because education is not so much the content of a textbook as knowing how to be in society, guidelines for civic conduct, empathy for others, an open and receptive attitude, the ability to listen to those who think differently.

To be more human and less fierce.

Westover feels strange at the thought of what her life might have been, but she doesn’t go back; thanks to education she has taken the reins and critically analyses her childhood.

We now come to a summary and synopsis of the latest book by Tara Westover, EDUCATED: A MEMOIR.

✍ QUOTES from the book Tara Westover’s Educated

These are the best quotes or phrases from the book Educated: A Memoir de Tara Westover:

“It is important that education does not turn into arrogance.

Education should always be an expansion of your mind, a deepening of your empathy, a broadening of your perspective.

I should never harden your prejudices.”TARA WESTOVER - EDUCATED: A MEMOIR

“To the extent that people consume their education as if it were a chain assembly factory, it can reaffirm prejudices.

Especially in endogamic environments.

Education should serve more to raise questions than to secure certainties.”TARA WESTOVER - EDUCATED: A MEMOIR

“Obviously it was a very complex process in which I have lost many things, but the alternative would have been to live a kind of half-life, and I am thankful to be able to set certain limits and have certain demands with regard to the treatment that others are going to give me in my life.

A position of strength I never had for years.”TARA WESTOVER - EDUCATED: A MEMOIR

“I have a theory about rabies.

It has an important role to play, it is a self-defence mechanism that we have and that we use to get out of a bad situation.”TARA WESTOVER - EDUCATED: A MEMOIR

You are the phrases and quotes we liked most from Educated: A Memoir.

What are your favorite quotes in Educated: A Memoir?

✍ Who is the writer TARA WESTOVER?

Let’s know who is Tara Westover and a little of his biography.

Tara Westover (Idaho, 1986) grew up in the western mountains of the United States preparing, along with her six brothers and their surviving Mormon parents, for the Apocalypse.

As a child she never stepped on a doctor’s foot, her father didn’t believe in them, she got her birth certificate at the age of nine, and the first time she stepped on a class to take the pre-university exam she was sixteen.

By then, the beliefs of her father, an anti-government conspirator, had become more extreme, one of her siblings was abusing her violently and she was fed up with working in the family junkyard and helping her mother, midwife and natural herbalist.

So he decided to go to college to escape.

Today, Westover lives in London, goes to the doctor and has a doctorate from Cambridge and a scholarship from Harvard University.

How that radical change came about is the subject of his memoir book Educated: A Memoir. In it, Westover narrates a happy but harsh, sometimes brutal, childhood and explains how education turned her into someone else.

A change that cost a good part of his family, but which he does not regret.

You have all the information regarding the Tara Westover’s biography in this link.

✍ ALL Tara Westover’s books

This is the complete bibliography of Tara Westover and the listing of all his published books, ordered by sales number:

¡SALE!BEST SELLER No. 1 Educated: A Memoir

✍ Last book by TARA WESTOVER

This is the last book published by the Tara Westover:

Without a doubt, this latest book by Tara Westover is one of the best that he has published in recent years.

We will be on the lookout for new publications by Tara Westover, for the time being to enjoy his latest installment: Educated: A Memoir

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DOWNLOAD FREE Educated: A Memoir of Tara Westover in PDF


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Educated: A Memoir
Educated;Tara Westover;0399590501;9780399590504; Hardcover Book; Westover, Tara (Author); English (Publication Language)
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Educated;Tara Westover;0399590501;9780399590504; Hardcover Book; Westover, Tara (Author); English (Publication Language)
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Educated: A Memoir
Educated;Tara Westover;0399590501;9780399590504; Hardcover Book; Westover, Tara (Author); English (Publication Language)
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Precio del libro EDUCATED: A MEMOIR

Educated: A Memoir
Educated;Tara Westover;0399590501;9780399590504; Hardcover Book; Westover, Tara (Author); English (Publication Language)
$28.00 −54% $13.00

Without a doubt, this Tara Westover’s book “EDUCATED: A MEMOIR” is totally recommendable.



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