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The digitalization of the books has come, and It is growing more and more every day, today the eBooks are part of our life and the access to books online is changing our way to read.

Books online is the best way to have in our hands thousands of titles, thousands of categories, thousands of topics and thousands of writers without extra weight.

Thanks to the access to the books online We can enjoy a lot of different advantages, one of the most important advantages is that books online do not occupy physical space.

Traditional books for a great reader flood the whole house, with the consequent accumulation of dust and loss of space. Also reduce weight and space of the student’s suitcase, with one device we can have plenty of titles.

Books online, the most interesting ADVANTAGES

With books online, even if you lose the reader, you can have a backup of your book with your notes on your pc or on the internet. The traditional books I case of lost is a lost forever, we have not backup.

Books online are cheaper.

By lowering costs for storage, transportation and printing of hundreds or thousands of copies, prices are lower than printed books. Shipping costs are over! And instant delivery.

Books online allow publishers to publish more and readers have more titles at our disposal. They are portable. They weigh very little, and you don’t worry, you can carry on all with the same weight.

There is no printing, so it is quicker to make available books on current issues more quickly, and they are also easily updatable, to correct errors and add information.

Books online give us global access and KNOWLEDGE

If you are living out of your origin country, or in case that you like to have access to different books not available in your area, with the electronic editions a book will always be available globally.

In books online, you can find a lot different language, ideal to learn and practice.

Books online socialize reading and there is more interaction with the author. With books online, you can share your favorite quotes on social networks with just one click. In the same way you can know what the favorite parts of other readers are.

You can search for a word or sentence instantly. How many times do we remember reading something in a book but do not write down the page? With the search of the keywords you can find how many times a word is cited.

Most books online bring built-in dictionaries or allow them to be easily incorporated. You can also install other dictionaries if you read books in different languages.

They also have active links for instant search for additional information, hyperlinks.

Books online help save the ENVIRONMENT

In this way also, it is very interesting the eco part of the books online, not use of paper and ink is the best way to save the environment.

Remember, the paper is produced from the wood of the trees, the ink is highly polluting and there are other polluting components like glue, in addition to this the production process is high energy consuming. the transport and distribution, necessary in the traditional book, are also polluting processes.

Books online are a clean environment way to read.

Available to people with impairments, books online available for EVERYBODY

It greatly facilitates access to reading for people with visual impairments.

Some e-readers devices are designed especially for these people, but in any case, they all allow to show the text in several sizes of letter, and some of them allow the reproduction of audiobooks.
It requires a minimum knowledge in technology.

The person who uses it will need to be able to connect to the internet, find a book, download it and pass it on to the device, people who have never done it will need a little help to get it. But it is easy, very easy.

And if you are bigger than 40 years old, you can adapt the font size instead to use glasses. Believe me if I say it’s a big advantage.

And some minimum DISADVANTAGES in case of books online.

Part of the traditional ritual of personal presentation of a book is lost, with books online the physical part is less.

Although Gift Cards exist in online stores, the process is not as romantic as the traditional gift of a traditional book.

In case of shipwreck or if you take it to a desert island, it will only last a month or at the most two months the battery reading little, a traditional book all the time you are on the island. But in two months you only can read a traditional book and plenty of books online

Books online have no smell and the feel of paper is lost. Electronic books devices do not meet that need for now.

Books online can be more easily pirated. Many authors and publishers are afraid of the loss of commercial control of the work due to unauthorized copies, the same fear that was in the music in the pass and now it is difficult to find a CD.

It supposes a high initial expense, it would be advisable to consider before buying it if it will be profitable quickly or not. It is not the same that this money is spent by someone who only reads a book a year than someone who reads a book a month. We can say that with 4 books a year the payback is very quick and easy, with the book number 5 you can start to save money.

But If one day you lose it you will lose a higher value than a traditional book.

Not all the books have been digitized, old editions or books that have already been discontinued will not be able to read them in books online.

DEVICES for electronic ink or books online.

At present we can find a wide range of devices that support the books online, traditional tablets with the suitable software or specific devices.

The first thing that anyone who wants to buy an ebook or device should know is that each e-reader has a series of advantages and disadvantages.

All the products that are on the market try to stand out in one aspect and, therefore, what for some is perfect for others can be a disadvantage.

The benefits of the devices go up with the price and there are models that have Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, colors, are tactile and have different internal memory capabilities, applications that allow you to connect to the internet and navigate besides allowing connectivity to other devices. Rate for that if you want to read only if you need it.

One important part is to think about light or not light. As a rule, people who read a lot do so at all hours and, especially, in bed before going to sleep. In this case it is essential that you have light, otherwise you will have to acquire a light cover later and they are usually somewhat expensive.

People who read little, usually do so during the daytime and therefore an ebook like the Kindle can perfectly fit your needs.

But for the price difference the light is a good solution always.

What should be considered when buying an ebook?

What We advise to look at first is the price and your own budget.

Currently there are a variety of ebooks on the market and it is easy to find an e-reader for just over € 60. However, there are ebooks that offer a better relationship between the price they cost and the services they offer.

To know which e-book best fits the needs of a person we recommend: check how much you read and according to that choose the eBook to buy.

So, it is easy price, budget and reading frequency are the variables of the equation

Our recommendation of ebooks

Kindle Paperwhite: Currently, in our opinion, it is the best ebook in the market. Among other things, it offers good storage capacity, it works fast, and the screen looks great. In the latest version it incorporates Carta technology and is resistant to water. It is marketed in 8 Gb and 32 Gb versions (with 8 Gb we consider it sufficient). Your price with offers has become very affordable.

To save some money, Kindle: It’s the little brother of the Paperwhite. It offers very good features but does not have an integrated light screen. As a novelty, for several years already incorporates the touch screen. This device is cheaper and, therefore, is available to all those who do not want to spend much on an ebook.

Out of Kindle brand the Tagus Gaia. It’s an ebook that’s pretty good. It has very good features: 8 GB of memory, a 1.2 Ghz processor, Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated light screen. The disadvantage that I see is its price because it is worth € 139. This price difference is since it now incorporates the Carta technology on its screen but, being honest, I do not see that price rise well, since the Kinde Paperwhite, which is practically the same, is better.

Books online availability

There are plenty of places where you can find recommendations and books online, like this web site.